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The Toweligator was first conceptualized in the Cayman Islands by Martin Hellkamp and his wife and was then perfected further north. The warm, tropical sun was bronzing their skin while their minds relaxed and a refreshing ocean breeze…kept blowing the towels off their chairs. “There has to be a better way!” And so the adventure began; to end the frustration of beach and pool towels staying everywhere but the chair.

As they dove into the creative seas of invention to produce a masterpiece that is functional, fun, and affordable, the Toweligator came to life! The product was originally developed to hold your beach towel in place with it’s gator-like grip and it’s strong and flexible tail, but the Toweligater’s uses continue to expand. Now you may find Toweligtors holding snacks, toys, clothes, and small pets off the ground to dry or securely in one place.

Toweligator designer and developer, Martin Hellkamp, hold’s a degree in Aerospace Engineering and served as a design engineer in the Navy before committing 30 years to the health care industry. His passion to develop innovative ideas and produce a unique and functional product has driven the Toweligator to the top. Look for fun, new designs coming soon.

Toweligator has personality, functionality, and affordability!

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